The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF – week 16 and 17

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The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF – Twilight Runway Challenge


Week –16 and 17


Last Saturday and today I managed 8.5k!  Today was a rainy ride at least it was cool and fresh.  And Wow I am getting closer to the actual 10k.


8.5k is certainly pushing how far I can manage, the other increments seemed small in comparison to this one.  This distance is certainly more challenging to my body, but hey I only have 1.5k extra to add on to be able to complete the 10k on the 11th September.


To get this close to the final distance feels so great, but also still a huge challenge to my body, so please if you feel able to donate or share my posts, to raise awareness of the challenge I have set myself and help me reach my fundraising goal for this very worthy charity for deaf children, I would be ever so grateful.


If you would like to know why more about this challenge and perhaps donate to this amazing charity if you feel able


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