Parenting or Carer Support

Sometimes as parents you can struggle, maybe your child has been diagnosed with something like Autistic Spectrum Disorder, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and actually you are not sure quite how to deal with this news or how to deal with their behaviour.  Perhaps your child or family member is suffering from depression or is self-harming (or any other mental health difficulty) and you are not sure how best to support them through their difficulty or how to tell the difference between their 'normal' childhood or teenage behaviours and what is them struggling with their mental health, after all these lines can be a bit blurry.

I have had over 20 years experience in nursing in the NHS and not only working with children, young people and adults with all of these and many other difficulties, but also their families and helping them to understand what their child or family member is going through.  By being guided by you and supporting you, I will give you a safe place to express your emotions and feelings about the difficulties you face whilst you are supporting your loved one, and help you to understand about the difficulty they are experiencing. 

Price on request, with some concessional rates for those on low income.