The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF - week 7

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The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF – Twilight Runway Challenge

Week 7

Due to injury, I dislocated my sacroiliac joint and right shoulder, last Sunday, I will not be cycling this week to give my body time to recover.

The lesson I learned from my fall, was twofold;

  •  How important horse riding was to my body.  As mentioned at the start of this journey my faithful and long time companion, friend and horse was put to sleep November 2020 when his illness became worse and his was suffering.  Horse riding enabled me to balance my body, giving me great core, back and even leg muscles to be able to do other activities such as ride a bicycle balanced.  Horses are incredible animals which if you learn to listen to their language will tell you where your body is not even, or your mood is not honest as well as so many other things, it is another language to learn, horses don’t have words they have actions and feelings to listen to.  A language to learn and love like learning BSL, you hear it with your eyes and soul not your ears.
  • Also, Listen to your body, really listen and hear, oh I should know that one by now, but sometimes a gentle reminder is needed, or not so gentle in this case!!!

Sadly, having lost my boy after 22 years together and many more of riding other horses before he came into my life, I did not realise the impact of cycling without first having been balanced by a horse.  As I was increasing the pressure on my body to go further, I had heard it didn’t feel quite right, but hadn’t yet listened to what was not right and worked out why, until a small catastrophe.  Oh and how these things make me reflect, that reflection really told me what I should have heard sooner.

Well, I have now listened and heard and am working out how to sort out this problem with being more mindful about my body and how to balance it.  Can you see the steam coming out of my ears as my mind works haha.  

Thankfully, I have an amazing Bowen therapist who having worked on my body for many years now (presently through distance healing rather than hands-on with COVID pandemic, hopefully this will change soon) and is a cyclist himself was prepared to help me try to work out ideas to move forwards, once my body is repaired enough.  I cannot praise Mike enough, he took me on when many therapists didn’t know how to work with such a challenging and broken body for any physical therapist to work on and accepted the challenge.  Over the years I have brought many more challenges to his therapy room from dislocating many joints, straining muscles, ligaments and tendons that normal people wouldn’t, he has learnt I won’t give up and will keep challenging my body and therefore his ability to work on my body with these incidents and accidents, – I joke to him that I wouldn’t want him to get bored now haha - thankfully he has always been up for the challenge and collaborative working to keep me moving.  Thank you, Mike I am truly honoured to have you agree to keep working on my body despite the adversity I throw at you.

Next week I will not be cycling due to work commitments, so that will give my body a little longer to repair itself before I start with shorter distances and put into practice what Mike and I have theoretically put in place to help.  This is not over yet by any means, I will complete this challenge, so please do keep supporting me and CSSEF who I am doing this for.

In the meantime, I will be doing some exercise with my new exercise ball (sadly they only do the multi coloured version in America and not in the UK!), and rainbow exercise mat.


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