The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF - week 8 & 9

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The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF – Twilight Runway Challenge


Week 8 and 9

As mentioned in my last post (week 7), week 8 was a continued recovery and busy work week.  I was camping in a field working and getting part payment in 9 week old chickens – yep I love to barter where I can and having lost my chickens to a fox October 2020 the opportunity could not pass me by to have new chicks in my life!

This week I got back on cycle, preparing myself to be mindful and reteach my body what it is supposed to do on a bicycle.  My tires had gone down urgh, so pump them back up and off I go, to find as I am cycling round a gentle 2.4k things just don’t feel right………  Check in with my body, yep keeping that doing the right thing, oh no my tires are going down.  Quick check to find that the valves have decided to stop working after oh some 25 plus years. Well at least I got my monies worth.  Did manage to limp my bike back to the van.

Trip to Halfords, went to get out of my van and oh crap the internal door handle is in my hand.  By the end of Wednesday fatigue hit after working many hours more than usual, no days off for me oops!

Consequently, Friday was a crash day so no cycling. 

Today, Sunday, I had beautiful company from a friend who wants to get back out on their bicycle, always happy to have company.  Always love a willing victim to keep me company haha.  Knowing my tyres were Not going to deflate really helped with combating those nerves.  The brain can not do 2 things at once, it cannot be mindful and think about every muscle and movement and worry about falling off.  It is certainly tiring thinking and observing your body that much.

I had to stop and take a picture, Greenham has many watering places for the animals and eco system, but this year the water levels are so very low for the time of year.

After a fabulous cycle, having just beat the rain as it rained hard all the way home, I will be spending the rest of the day chilling with music, book and chocolate as it is just that kind of day to re-coop some energy ready to start another week tomorrow.


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