Just over one month to go till twilight challenge 11th September

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The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF – Twilight Runway Challenge



Just over one month to go till this happens on 11th September

I always knew that cycling 10k would be a challenge.  What I wasn’t expecting was that 10k would actually push my body to a point where it would stop working in the same way as it does when I walk!

I have continued to train for this cycle, but I am only training at between 7 and 8k each time.  Why?  From 6k my body starts to do the same thing as it does when I walk, it traps the nerves going to my legs so that I have initially pins and needles, and then numbness/no sensation in my legs, this is why I fall over. 

For me this is not a problem to finish my ride and make the 10k as I have found my legs will still keep peddling regardless, – though I think they would give even this up if I tried to go further than 10k - it only becomes a problem when it comes to stopping and staying upright!!  I essentially have no legs so I and my bike fall over.  This is what I live with when I walk, to me this is my normal now, and why I don’t walk very far even with aids such as walking sticks/crutches/walking frame.  Having caused myself no end of damage falling over, which has led to further operations.

I am determined to still complete this fundraising cycle of 10k regardless, but I will be seeing about putting in some support for the end of the ride and having my wheelchair ready for me to fall into and people on hand hopefully to then deal with my bicycle and drive me home, or I will be camping where I parked up on site for the challenge.  This is in the process of investigation to see if this can happen (thank you Karen you are amazing) – if for any reason this can not happen, I will still do the 10k somehow, but lets cross that bridge if or when that is needed.

But this will be the last time on a bicycle I push my body this far, so I am determined I am going out with a BANG.  My aim is that I want to raise as much as I can for this amazing charity to support deaf children in school and outside.  So please if you feel able and you think I am crazy enough to pull this off, donate whatever you can.  I will not let you down, help me go out with as big a BANG as possible………Come on who’s game for my craziness??  Cause you know I’ll be doing it anyway, so help me make it worth it…………………

Currently I have raised £213.48 before gift aid of the £500 I would so love to see CSSEF get for this challenge.  If you are able please help by donating what ever you can, no matter how little, every penny is so much appreciated by me and CSSEF.


If you would like to know why more about this challenge and perhaps donate to this amazing charity if you feel able



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