Week – I have lost count of the week!! Something like 15

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The journey to Cycle 10k for CSSEF – Twilight Runway Challenge



Week – I have lost count of the week!! Something like 15

I was reminded that I had not posted about my cycling journey for a while, did not realise it was nearly a month! Gosh……  I was reminded because I was asked if I had given up after my fall, and the difficulties I was having.  Now, for me giving up is just not a thing, until I absolutely have no choice.  I know exercise is so very important for mind and body, and this challenge is the perfect incentive for me to get out and on my bike.

So how has my journey been since May?  I have been cycling as often as possible, though to be fair due to refurbishing a chicken coup and (with help) making a chicken run, fatigue has been a big part of my life, so cycling has reduced from 3 times a week to once a week.  Fatigue is something I battle due to my physical disabilities, which then battles with my mind because my mind has not caught up with the fact my body is broken!  Even after 17 years, yeah I’m a bit slow with catching on……..  Well my ADHD brain is anyway.

So, it is mid-summer, with solstice having past just a few days ago last Monday, and a beautiful full moon this Thursday just gone.  As was typical for Britain the clouds hid the Solstice sunrise and sunset and the full moon, but between those days the sky has been clear and beautiful.


Still being with the Solstice energy I awoke early and went out arriving at my destination Greenham and Crookham Common by 7.30am.  Needing to pump my tyres up before cycling I set about it – I have a pump that operates by connection to the cigarette lighter in my vehicle – only to find that actually it doesn’t work anymore, after perhaps 25 years it has given up.  Off to Halfords it is then for a new one.

At a slightly later time than I started out to I went for a cycle.  Today due to the need to visit a Halfords, I started my cycle from a completely different place at common than normal.  Consequently, I had only an educated idea at how far I would be cycling.  This felt a little daunting, but hey I’m up for a challenge.

Really pleased that my educated guess was approximately the same distance as I have gotten up to cycling 7.4k.  I am really pleased with my progress, it is June the actual challenge is 11th September, and although I have hit many bumps along the way, I am now only 2.6k off my target of managing 10k and a little over 2 months to crack that.


As previously mentioned, if for any reason the pandemic stops this challenge from going ahead at the planned runway, I will still cycle 10k on the 11th September at Greenham and Crookham Common, so please do sponsor me/donate to this incredibly worthy cause #CSSEF if you feel able.


Thank you all for reading and donating, it means so very much to me and to CSSEF


Please if you feel able to share my posts, to raise awareness of the challenge I have set myself and help me reach my fundraising goal for this very worthy charity for deaf children.

If you would like to know why more about this challenge and perhaps donate to this amazing charity if you feel able



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